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Boat Loan Rates

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What You Need to Know About Boat Loan Rates

Boat loans are an excellent way to get a boat without having to forfeit the cash right away. Some wish to own a boat but do not have the money to purchase one. Boat loan rates aren’t unreasonable and can be perfect for those who have the means to pay off a boat slowly but cannot do it all at one time. Many wish for boat ownership because they love to fish, swim, water ski and more. There are many activities that can be done through boat ownership. Some may even wish to live on a boat. With the right loan, all of this can be possible.

How Is the Loan Secured?

For low boat loan rates, you need a secured loan. A secured loan is one where there is collateral involved. In this situation, the collateral is the boat. For most boat loans, the boat is taken away if the loan isn’t paid. This doesn’t mean the boat will be taken away after two or three months of missed payments. The contract will state when the boat will be taken away if too many late payments build up.

It’s much better to get a secured loan than an unsecured one. While a repossession will certainly damage your credit, it will not have as much of a negative effect as having to file bankruptcy for thousands of dollars of built-up interest. An unsecured loan will not vanish after a repossession as the boat is not collateral.

Good or Bad Credit?

No one will grant you a loan if your credit is absolutely horrible. Your credit needs to be at least 500 for a company to consider you. Some companies will make arrangements for people with bad credit to help them manage their loans. Some offer extended loan terms, such as 20 years instead of 10, for customers who will need smaller payments. This can be done by extending them over a long period of time. Not all companies discourage those with bad credit from applying.

The higher your credit and income, the better the loan terms you will be eligible for. Those with good credit can expect to get lower interest rates, higher sums of money and less due on their bill. A steady income also helps in the decision-making process.

Go with A Trusted Lender for Good Boat Loan Rates

Not all lenders are equal. Some think the best way to find the right lender is by applying for a bunch of boat loans. This can severely damage your credit as you will get a bunch of hard inquiries. Instead, do your research. See which loan companies are best for you and what you need by looking at reviews, talking with representatives, and checking out their credentials. You should only move onto another company if you do not like the loan plan they are offering you. You shouldn’t just go to random ones to see how they all align with each other.

Buy or Rent?

If you’re only looking to use the boat a few times, it’s best just to rent. If you’ve always dreamed about owning your own boat so that you can take it out to sea whenever you want, getting a boat loan is a great way to do just that. You need to decide why you want the boat and how often you’re going to use it to make the right choice.

You Don’t Have to Get the Full Amount

If you’d like to just get part of the money, that’s perfectly fine with most creditors. They typically have a minimum though. If the minimum is met, you can pay for the rest of the boat out of pocket. Some choose to do this so that their loan is shorter term and so they’ll have smaller payments.

Decide If It’s What You Want

Boat loan rates can be high. Getting a loan for a boat is harder than getting one for a car. It’s almost as serious as taking out a mortgage. Be sure that this is something that’s going to work out for you in the end. While there are companies that offer fair rates, it is still a big decision that should not be taken lightly.

Get the Boat You’ve Always Wanted!


If you’re sure this is the right move for you, get the boat you’ve always wanted without having to pay in full. Boat loans are an excellent way to get the boat you want; at a price you can afford. Many who cannot afford boats can afford to pay a sum every month towards its ownership. With good or bad credit, it’s still something to check into. A lot of companies will work with all sorts of customers from different financial situations. It doesn’t hurt to check and see if you qualify, regardless of financial shape.

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