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Understanding the Benefits of Cool Roofing

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As more of society embraces the benefits of energy-efficient doors and windows, the subject of energy-efficient roofing still remains relatively on the back-burner; but it shouldn’t. Just like with upgrading your doors and windows, upgrading to an energy-efficient roofing solution comes with a multitude of benefits. To illustrate this fact, we have compiled a list of four very cool reasons for you to make this choice when it comes time to renovate your own roof.

You Save Money

“Energy-efficient” also means “money-saving” when it comes to making upgrades around your home. This is true of upgraded windows, doors and, yes, even roofing. When there is less of the outside coming in, and less of the inside air going out, you can save as much as 15% on your monthly energy bills. What better reason can you think of than saving money, especially if you need to renovate your roof anyway?

Your Home Becomes Much More Comfortable

A hot roof, paired with the fact that warm air rises through a home, can make the second floor feel stuffy and uncomfortable. This is especially true during the warmest months of the year, sometimes even when you have air conditioning. A cool roof invites less heat to become trapped inside of your home, thus reducing this undesirable effect of warm air.

Cool Roofing Lasts Longer

Heat can seriously degrade your roofing, especially if you have a traditional roof with traditional shingles. Cool roofing fights against the ravages of even the worst heat, thus combating the need to re-shingle your roof for longer periods of time.

Because you can expect your cooler roof to last longer without degradation, you can also expect to save money. This is because you aren’t going to have to shell out your hard-earned funds so often on re-shingling the roof of your home.

You Might Get a Rebate

Some companies or government agencies will offer rebates to those who make use of energy-efficient fixtures around the home – including roofing. This is a great way to save money on your new roof, whenever possible, so confer with your energy provider about potential rebates that you may qualify for. And, we say again, who doesn’t love saving their money?

Energy-efficient roofing is one of the latest innovations in the energy-efficiency craze, but it is one that stands to transform the way we experience life at home – and how much it costs us. If you are interested in helping the environment, reducing your energy bills and extending the life of your roof, look toward your local energy-efficient Bedford roofing contractor expert. They’ll be able to outfit you with the best options for your circumstances, chosen aesthetic, and budget.